The Clinic Profile

The clinic provides consultation to patients of all ages including children and elderly for all general Medical (fever, cough, cold, headache, loose motion, vomiting ,acidity, jaundice, giddiness,anxiety, hypertension, chest pain, diabetes, allergy, asthma, thyroid,urine infection, anaemia,vitamin deficiency), Rheumatology (joint pain and swellings), Surgical (pain abdomen, swellings, abscess, injuries, cuts, wounds , dressings, suturing, incision and drainage), Skin (rashes, itching,lesions, ulcers, dandruff, hair fall, infections, acne, chicken pox, mumps, measles, nail infection), ENT (Ear pain/wax/ infection, tonsilitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, nasal bleeding / block, removal of foreign body from nose / ears), Eyes (infection, stye, foreign body), gynec (white discharge, itching and infection, menstrual irregularity, premenstrual symptoms, menopausal symptoms).

The facilities in the clinic includes: ECG, Nebulisation, ambulatory BP measurement, vitalograph and breathometer. The clinic also boasts of spot diagnostic tests i.e. card test for Malaria, pregnancy and trop-I (heart attack marker), uri-sticks (for urine infection), glucometer (blood sugar) and pulse oximeter.

The clinic is well equipped to provide adult/adolescent vaccination. The clinic is also geared for minor surgical procedures with latest technology like suturing with stapler and skin glues, in addition to conventional methods.

The clinic offers personalized medical kit for students/clients travelling out of city or abroad, adventure/trekking and for home/office/hostel use. The kit is handed over after due consultation/checkup.